Hospitality Safety

The Risk of gas fireplace lawsuits to the Hospitalitiy Industry and what the Hospitality industry should do

The vast majority of gas fireplaces installed between 1987, when they were invented, and 2004 don’t have safety screens installed on them; most gas fireplace manufacturers didn’t even offer safety screens as an option for their fireplaces until about 2004.

The good news is that you can buy a gas fireplace safety screen from companies that specifically make fireplace safety screens to fit any gas fireplace already installed. Also, you don’t have to give up design for safety. A good fireplace safety screen actually improves the look of your gas firepalce, it gives you a fireplace makeover. So you get design and safety all in an easy to install safety screen.

What should the Hospitality Industry do?

1. Install Safety Screens on any gas fireplace that doesn’t have one
2. Educate all guests on the use and dangers of gas fireplaces

The Hospitality industry is most at risk because of the amount of children who come into contact with gas fireplaces in hotel rooms and restaurants. For hotels and restaurants there is such a high risk because many guests don’t own gas fireplace so they really aren’t that aware of the dangers and they need to be educated before they start using a them in their hotel rooms.

Most guests don’t realize the glass front of a gas fireplace can reach up to 400 degrees and that the glass stays hot enough to burn skin for up to 30 minutes after the gas fireplace is turned off. They don’t cool down that quick. So what can you do? It is a simple solution, all hotels should install safety screens on their gas fireplaces.

There are two safety issues you should look for or know about a gas fireplace. Does your gas fireplace have a safety screen installed on it? Second, realize that the glass front of a gas fireplace does not cool down quickly after the fireplace is turned off. It stays hot enough to burn your skin for up to 30 minutes after the fireplace is turned off.