Gas Fireplace Burn Safety Tips

Here is a list of Safety Tips to follow to enjoy your gas fireplace safely

  • After turning off your gas fireplace wait at least 45 minutes for the appliance and glass panel to cool before you let children near the fireplace without supervision.
  • A physical barrier, such as a fireplace safety screen or safety gate is recommended. If there will be children near the gas fireplace. Safety screens that are attached to the fireplace or are placed within inches of the fireplace will still conduct heat, but will reduce the chance of burns if a child accidently touches the safety screen.
  • Install a switch lock to prevent children from turning on the gas fireplace.
  • Keep the gas fireplace remote control out of the reach of children
  • Metal surfaces such as the outer frame of the gas fireplace or a safety screen will also get hot, just not as hot as the smooth glass front of the gas fireplace. Avoid contact with all metal and glass surfaces on your gas fireplace until it has been shut off and cools down.
  • Never leave young children alone near an operating fireplace.
  • Discuss fireplace safety with all guest and make sure they know they should never touch the glass panel of a gas fireplace or any of the hot surfaces when the fireplace is on or cooling down.
  • The glass may remain warm from a lit pilot light so let an adult test this to make sure it is not too hot.